SDI Directional Coordinators and Drillers possess significant expertise in maintaining a well near vertical and restoring non-intentional directional wells back to near vertical, providing specialized services in these areas.

Drilling vertical wells presents the inevitable reality that there is no truly vertical well, as all wellbores exhibit a certain degree of deviation. Correcting wells back to vertical can be a challenging task.

SDI Directional Coordinators and Drillers bring substantial experience to the table in maintaining wells near vertical and rectifying non-intentional directional wells to near vertical. This expertise extends to challenging scenarios, such as kicking off cement plugs to correct a wellbore in challenging, hard formations. Our crews leverage their experience in time-drilling techniques, ensuring successful sidetracking on the initial attempt.

In situations where precision is crucial, our low-angle, high-precision surveys play a vital role in determining the wellbore’s location. This information enables appropriate actions to be taken, ensuring the correction of the well to the optimal trajectory for the remainder of the drilling process.

Additionally, as part of our services, we offer Performance Drilling techniques. This involves integrating straight or slightly bent steerable motors into the assembly to enhance penetration rates during the drilling operation.

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