SDI possesses extensive global expertise in drilling horizontal wells, supported by a diverse portfolio of survey, navigation, and formation evaluation technologies—many of which are exclusive to SDI.

SDI’s technologies play a crucial role in navigating and evaluating formations during the drilling of even the most intricate wellbore trajectories.

SDI Directional Coordinators and Drillers meticulously select the best and most suitable technologies for each project. Their objectives include maximizing drilling performance, minimizing inherent risks associated with horizontal drilling, achieving geological objectives, adhering to legal boundaries, and overcoming economic challenges.

At SDI, we take pride in designing and constructing all systems in-house, right down to the sensor level. These systems are engineered for outstanding performance in the most demanding environments, encompassing extreme temperature, pressure, well depth, dogleg severity, drilling shock, and vibrations. This capability enables us to provide customized solutions for our clients.

The current activity level in horizontal drilling is at an all-time high, with new technologies and techniques making it a viable option for operators of all sizes, ranging from the smallest independents to the largest majors.

  • Optimized Performance
  • Precise Navigation
  • Tough Tools & Sensors