The discipline of wellbore positioning in the oil and gas industry was born to manage risk. As a result, it is still its primary function today. While sometimes this risk is only economical, new techniques used on both onshore and offshore wellbore design have made wellbore positioning a safety-critical activity.


For over 25 years, Scientific Drilling has led the industry in high-accuracy gyro survey services. Therefore, providing you with the ultimate drilling confidence. Since introducing the world’s first north-seeking gyroscope, we have been committed to innovative technology development to address the industry’s evolving well placement and risk mitigation challenges.

Scientific Drilling International holds a variety of leadership roles and remains active in industry organizations. For example, ISCWSA, SPE, IADC, and AADE. We are honored to play a vital role in developing and verifying the error models that have become the industry standard for developing survey uncertainty.


Our gyro survey operators undergo rigorous and comprehensive training. This training combines our certified survey experts’ extensive hands-on classroom and field training. We consistently deliver the highest quality of products and services. Moreover, through our exclusive TUF points preventative maintenance system and rigorous calibration checks.

We are proud to design and manufacture all components to the sensor level. In other words, ensuring product integrity and performance. Our suite of Wellbore positioning technologies and services includes:

Survey Systems

We are dedicated to operating with excellence. Most importantly, delivering the ultimate reliability and customer experience. Above all, making it easy to do business.

Keeper Gyro Survey Tools

The Keeper gyro survey system is designed to provide increased flexibility across a range of survey applications using a single sensor. It boasts high-speed capabilities, enabling close interval surveying in real-time and memory modes within casing, drill pipe, and tubing. One of its standout features is the sightline mode, allowing for continuous surveying and efficient steering, even on floating platforms where a standard north-seeking gyro may face limitations.


Scientific Drilling's Gyro Measurement-While-Drilling (gyroMWD) systems revolutionize pad and close-proximity drilling operations by enabling high-accuracy surveying, even in the presence of magnetic interference when using an MWD tool. This advanced system enhances precision in challenging drilling scenarios, ensuring accurate survey data for improved wellbore placement and overall drilling efficiency.