Scientific Drilling International is a worldwide company specializing in independent services such as directional drilling, wellbore navigation, surveying, and logging for clients globally.

Pioneering Directional Drilling Technology

Scientific Drilling International was founded in Houston, TX. In 1969, that same year introduced “The EYE.” Therefore, the oil and gas industry’s first commercial downhole electronic steering tool.

As a company, we maintain that innovative spirit by developing key technologies, resulting in a history of firsts within the industry for Scientific Drilling International.

We are a leading provider in the global wellbore navigation services market today. As well as the US directional services market. Scientific Drilling is the only company to offer a complete navigation solution for the energy services sector. For instance, it includes High Accuracy Gyro Survey, MWD, LWD, a suite of high-accuracy Magnetic Ranging services (passive and active), and Cased Hole Solutions.

Besides participating in some of the world’s most complex conventional and unconventional oil and gas projects. The company serves diverse customers in all energy sectors. Meanwhile, SDI has extensive experience working on geothermal wells and drilling horizontal laterals in coalbed methane reservoirs.

Global Presence

In addition to maintaining offices within the United States, Scientific Drilling International (SDI) has strategically extended its reach across diverse regions, including Canada, Europe, the Asia Pacific, and the Middle East. This expansive global footprint reflects our commitment to providing specialized services on an international scale. Moreover, recognizing the growing significance of Latin America, we have successfully established operations in this region, further solidifying our dedication to meeting the diverse needs of our clients across the globe.

About Us

Scientific Drilling International is an independent directional drilling and wellbore navigation, surveying, and logging service company serving customers worldwide.

Mission, Vision & Values

Scientific Drilling International (SDI) strictly adheres to our Core Values. These values drive our Vision and Mission. Above all, they are the foundation of our success.


The Scientific Drilling Leadership Team

Board of Directors

The Scientific Drilling Board of Directors

Research & Development

More than 80 scientists, engineers and technicians, work in Scientific Drilling’s R&D centers in California, Texas and Germany - designing, engineering, building and manufacturing all of our directional drilling and wellbore navigation technologies.


Scientific Drilling International has a long and successful history of designing, engineering, building, and manufacturing all our directional drilling technology products in-house. We are proud to design and manufacture all components to the sensor level, ensuring product integrity and performance.

Compliance & Governance

Scientific Drilling International and its businesses and partners (SDI) are committed to conducting business with the highest integrity and ethics. Therefore, in compliance with the letter and nature of all relevant laws, rules, and regulations.