SDI has a long and successful history of designing, engineering, building, and manufacturing all of our directional drilling technology products in-house.


Scientific Drilling International has a long and successful history of designing, engineering, building, and manufacturing all of our directional drilling technology products in-house.

Having an innovative and aggressive technology development group within Scientific Drilling International is vital to our success. As unconventional and conventional drilling gets more and more difficult, Scientific Drilling professional engineers get better and better at finding innovative, cost-effective solutions that optimize performance.

These technologies include state-of-the-art electronic sensors for downhole measurement in such applications as borehole surveying, wireline steering, MWD / LWD production logging, directional drilling, and more.

Due to their advanced instrumentation, our technologies are utilized on projects calling for precise performance, from the Gulf of Mexico’s deep waters to the hostile northern waters of Norway; and all the major shale plays in the USA.

Borehole surveying instruments (both gyroscopic and magnetic), MWD (measurement while drilling) / LWD (logging while drilling) systems, rotary steerable technologies, innovative drill motor designs, and production logging systems comprise the bulk of our products.


Scientific Drilling International (SDI) provides quality support to several key service segments centered mostly around well placement services and production logging services. We serve the upstream oil and gas industry in addition to the global geothermal and mining industries.

Our well placement services involve wellbore trajectory planning, engineering analysis, directional & measurement services and wellbore survey services. The drilling and measurement segment typically involves measurement-while-drilling (MWD), logging-while-drilling (LWD) and directional drilling. These services can be provided independently or together.

Scientific Drilling also provides Production Logging services to oil & gas, mining and geothermal industries. Production logging services are a cost-effective, compact service that can be quickly mobilized to reach remote locations around the globe.

We are committed to helping our customers drill with increased safety and efficiency while paying particular attention to the finer details affecting drilling performance.

Drilling Motors

Scientific Drilling International designs, engineers, manufactures and operates one of the leading drilling mud motor portfolios in the industry.

Rotary Steerable Systems

Designed to overcome North American land challenges, Scientific Drilling’s HALO high-performance rotary steerable system solves reliability and economic challenges, while yielding more efficient, smoother wellbores.

Measurement While Drilling (MWD)

Scientific Drilling International is a leading global provider of highly accurate Measurement-While-Drilling (MWD) services. With over twenty years of in-house engineering and manufacturing excellence, our MWD systems have proven reliability and cost-effectiveness worldwide.

Logging While Drilling (LWD)

Scientific Drilling’s innovative [LWD] technology provides a reliable, tailored, and cost effective solution for the industry’s wellbore placement and geological challenges.

Wellbore Surveying

The discipline of wellbore positioning in the oil and gas industry was born as a way to manage risk, and this is still its primary function today. While sometimes this risk is only economic, new techniques used on both onshore and offshore wellbore design have made wellbore positioning a safety-critical activity.

Magnetic Ranging Services

Scientific Drilling offers a suite of high-accuracy Magnetic Ranging services, delivering the greatest drilling precision and cost effectiveness available in the industry today.

Cased Hole Services

Scientific Drilling’s Cased Hole Services provides reliable, fit-for-purpose technologies for assessing well integrity, determining flow profiles and evaluating reservoir saturation. Our technology is deployed for myriad data acquisition requirements in oil & gas and geothermal wells around the world.

Technical Services

Scientific Drilling International focuses on delivering a wide array of solutions, targeting the evolving challenges of the global drilling market. SDI recognizes the growing demands for drilling efficiency, greater access to real-time information as well as risk mitigation associated with accurate wellbore placement.