Scientific Drilling International designs, engineers, manufactures, and operates one of the leading drilling mud motor portfolios in the industry.

With the TiTAN Motor platform, Scientific Drilling International’s offerings are built for today’s most complex and challenging drilling conditions. The TiTAN series are compatible with the most advanced power sections and motors designed for air, mist, and foam applications.

Therefore, Scientific Drilling International partners with industry leaders in power section development. To performance-match the suitable power structures for the application and downhole environment. SDI’s drilling systems are designed to support an array of high-power structures. These structures are designed for greater demand in flow rate, torque, and hydraulic horsepower performance.

In-house experts ensure the optimal motor elastomer selection and the rotor/stator fit for any application.


Engineered to transport across numerous needs is the TiTAN22 drilling motor. Therefore, it is designed for today’s most challenging drilling environments in the industry.


Delivers the highest quality design for ultimate reliability while providing a shorter bit-to-bend solution.

Titan HD

The Titan HD motor series focuses on efficiency and reliability. This is accomplished by drilling long horizontal sections. Compared to the Titan II motor, re-designing the bearing section has increased the WOB capacity and reduced the bit-to-bend length. Simultaneously, the higher WOB capacity results in higher torque loading. Therefore, the driveline has been strengthened to withstand higher operating torque. Additionally, long lateral sections often encounter rotation fluctuations in high stick-slip scenarios.