At SDI, we are committed to working with our customers in finding unique solutions to well positioning and well spacing problems.

Scientific Drilling International (SDI) focuses on delivering a wide array of solutions, targeting the evolving challenges of the global drilling market. SDI recognizes the growing demands for drilling efficiency, greater access to real-time information as well as risk mitigation associated with accurate wellbore placement. To that end, SDI delivers value-add services that leverage the expertise and tribal knowledge of our core business and offers incremental value to our customers. SDI is committed to serving our customers through a first class experience, lead by people passionate about making it easy for our customers to do business.

Survey Management

Recognizing the increasing concern surrounding the need to mitigate risks associated with inaccurate wellbore placement and the potential for collisions, SDI takes a proactive approach to address these concerns. The solution involves a comprehensive Survey Management system designed to enhance accuracy and minimize the associated risks.