Scientific Drilling's Surveying Systems deliver a reliable and competitive service which enables faster drilling operations with improved confidence.

Electronic Multi-Shot (EMS)

Scientific Drilling International provides an Electronic Multi-Shot System (EMS) which uses the same high-accuracy magnetic survey package as our MWD systems. This system is designed to be run with non-magnetic collars to survey during a trip out of the hole. The EMS features substantial onboard memory allowing survey runs in long hole sections.

The EMS system is also available in a high-pressure and high-temperature (HPHT) version. It delivers optimal performance in temperatures up to 600°F (315°C) and bottom-hole pressures up to 33,000 psi.

Magnetic Steering System

The Electronic Magnetic Steering System provides the ultimate reliability under the harshest of drilling conditions and supports a wide range of running gear configurations.

It features a 1″ O.D. solid-state downhole probe with a sensor package of tri-axis flux gate magnetometers and tri-axis fluid dampened accelerometers, providing an all-attitude survey/steering capability.

Data transmitted includes the required survey information, as well as continuous tool face, individual sensor outputs, temperature, total magnetic and total gravity field strengths. Steering and surveying information is instantaneously transmitted to the remote drill floor readout.

MaxFlow Landing Ring

Scientific Drilling International’s MaxFlow Landing Ring is an innovative system that enables Drop Keeper Gyro surveys in drilling assemblies where ball-activated reamers, PBL subs, or wireless pipe recovery systems are required.

MaxFlow features a unique landing ring and bullnose combination, engineered to replace traditional baffle plates and maximize the flow area past the tools. This allows high circulation rates to be maintained, ensuring optimal borehole stability, well control management, and pass-through of standard drop ball sizes.