Our lightweight tool strings designed for challenging environments enable clients to acquire data with minimal impact on the flow. These tools find applications in various scenarios, including flow profiling, detecting water or gas entry, leak detection, and conducting Selective Inflow Performance (SIP) assessments. Most importantly, they are instrumental in determining current formation pressure and porousness.

Flow Logging System

Scientific Drilling’s Flow Logging System (FLS) features a compact modular design that can operate in both memory and real-time modes. The system is equipped with standard sensors, including a Casing Collar Locator, Gamma Ray, Pressure, Temperature, Spinner Flowmeter, Capacitance, and Fluid Density. This comprehensive set of sensors allows for versatile and accurate data collection during drilling operations.

Standard FLS (1.375)

Scientific Drilling’s Flow Logging System (FLS) offers a high-quality and cost-effective solution for detecting leaks, defining well flow profiles, and determining fluid types using a precise tool string. The compact and modular system is capable of running in memory mode (MPLT) or real-time mode (SRO PLT) for continuous memory surface recording. Thanks to in-house tool development, memory data acquisition for over 10 days is made possible, providing an extended and reliable data collection capability.


Scientific Drilling’s SlimFlow, a production logging system, is specifically designed to access wells with restrictions where other tools may struggle to obtain valuable data for customers. This system incorporates a range of sensors for both memory and real-time data acquisition. Remarkably, it achieves this in a tool-string configuration that does not exceed 1.5 inches in diameter, allowing for efficient data collection in wells with limited space.

Vulcan™ FLS (1.44)

Scientific Drilling’s Vulcan™ FLS 1.44 Flow Logging System (FLS) is an advanced memory-based production logging tool designed for high-temperature environments. This industry-leading tool offers a comprehensive set of sensors, including Casing Collar Locator, Gamma Ray, Pressure, Temperature, Spinner Flowmeter, Fluid Capacitance, Nuclear Fluid Density, and Tuning Fork Density. Specifically tailored for high-pressure, high-temperature (HPHT) oil and gas well logging, the Vulcan™ FLS can withstand temperatures up to 600°F (315°C) for limited durations, providing valuable data in challenging wellbore conditions.

Vulcan™ FLS (1.75, 2.25)

Scientific Drilling’s Vulcan™ FLS 1.75 and Vulcan™ FLS 2.25 Flow Logging Systems (FLS) represent extended-duration flask flow logging tools. These tools are available in both Memory and Surface Readout modes. Similar to the Vulcan FLS 1.44, these high-temperature systems include a comprehensive suite of sensors. The larger format of these tool strings is specifically designed to achieve longer durations in very hot wells. This is particularly crucial for meeting the extended duration standards required for geothermal wells or gas wells. Importantly, these systems can operate in temperatures up to 600°F (315°C), ensuring their effectiveness in challenging wellbore conditions.