Probe-based universal pressure tool measuring annular and pipe pressure in real time.
Scientific Drilling’s Universal Pressure Tool (UPT) is a probe-based pressure sensor measuring both annulus pressure and drill pipe pressure.  Fully integrated with both MP-MWD and EM-MWD systems, both real-time and high resolution memory data provides insight into downhole conditions.  With its ability to run in high-speed telemetry, its operational versatility allows for accurate monitoring and analysis in high-risk environments.


/ Optimize target mud weights for faster ROP
/ Eliminate unexpected kicks and associated downtime (NPT)
/ Calibrate pore pressure/fracture gradient models for future well planning
/ Actively monitor hole cleaning to prevent cuttings buildup


/ Pressure Swab/Surge Avoidance
/ Kick & Water Flow Detection
/ Equivalent Circulation Density (ECD)
/ Hole Cleaning Monitoring
/ Underbalanced Drilling
/ Formation Fracturing and Mud Losses
/ Wellbore Instability
/ Pipe Washout Detection
/ Formation Integrity Testing