Our in-house caliper tools deliver precise and high-resolution measurements, effectively troubleshooting issues related to inconsistencies in the wellbore. This comprehensive range of tools is equipped with temperature ratings suitable for both oil & gas and geothermal applications, ranging from 428°F to 600°F (220°C to 315°C). Additionally, we offer cameras, short-interval gyro surveying, and visualization software to gain a deeper understanding of the well. These tools are instrumental in detecting irregularities, deterioration, and leaks inside the tubing or casing at an early stage, contributing to proactive maintenance and effective wellbore management.

Vulcan™ MFT 24

The Vulcan™ MFT 24 is capable of sampling at a rate of 100 times per second, utilizing a finger sensor every 15° for enhanced precision. With its large memory capacity and fast electronics, the tool enables higher reporting measurements, contributing to improved depth resolution for the detection of corrosion and pitting. As a lean and compact tool, it is adept at navigating high angles, passing through restrictions, and logging both horizontal and vertical wells.

The standard temperature form of the tool is complemented by the HPHT MFC version, the Vulcan™ MFT 24, which is suitable for temperatures up to 428°F (220°C). This extended temperature capability enhances the tool’s versatility for various applications in challenging wellbore conditions.

Vulcan™ MFT 40

Scientific Drilling’s Vulcan™ MFT 40 is purpose-built for geothermal applications, providing high-precision measurements of the internal wellbore diameter. This specialized multi-finger caliper serves as the ultimate casing evaluation technology, capable of operating at temperatures up to 650°F. With a sampling rate of 50 times per second, the Vulcan™ MFT 40 ensures detailed results within a short timeframe. The tool features a finger sensor every 9°, high-speed electronics, and an expansive memory capacity, contributing to its efficiency in capturing and analyzing wellbore data in geothermal environments.


Scientific Drilling’s close interval survey with a caliper provides a detailed analysis of wellbore geometry. The accompanying software is designed to identify relative internal diameter (ID) restrictions for downhole pumps, including specifications for diameter and length. Combining runs with our multi-finger caliper tool helps minimize rig time requirements while ensuring accurate wellbore ID information is available for analysis. This detailed data empowers operators to make informed decisions in wellbore equipment placement and sizing, mitigating the risk of subjecting the equipment to additional stress.