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Scientific Drilling International (SDI) has been an industry leader in upstream conventional reservoir drilling projects for the past four decades.  Conventional reservoirs are located globally, and drilling can be onshore, on an inland barge, from an offshore shelf platform or on a deepwater floating platform, ship or semi-submersible.

The experience and challenges faced over the years drove our innovative leaders to develop key technologies to help reduce wellbore uncertainty and increase drilling efficiency.  Scientific Drilling has the most rugged and dependable survey system in the market, providing high-accuracy surveying services.

Our experience ranges from drilling single wells in remote locations and pad drilling in a multi-well surface land location. By using our MWD services and configuring these as a combo kit, we can transmit data with either mud pulses or electromagnetic signals.



In the past decade, Scientific Drilling International (SDI) has drilled more than ten thousand directional and horizontal wellbores in each of the major shale deposits in North America. The service sectors for Unconventional drilling include Shale, Tight Gas Sandstones, Heavy Oil, and Coalbed Methane / Coal Seam Gas (CBM/CSG).

Our unconventional drilling experience helps optimize the development of these resources by increasing drilling rates with less non-productive time.

Our MWD and Magnetic Ranging technologies, our innovative memory-based production logging services can also be used in a variety of heavy oil applications.


Traditional geothermal drilling environments present unique challenges; hard, corrosive rock, high pressures and extremely hot temperatures making conventional downhole technology difficult to deploy.

Scientific Drilling International has been present on the geothermal industry for more than 30 years. We began as a drilling service provider for UNOCAL in Indonesia and gradually we began to expand our suite of geothermal service portfolio from North and South East Asia, to Australasia, Europe, Latin America and throughout the Western United States.

Our Success story includes the drilling of over 520 directional wells and completed more than 1,150 production logging runs, helping solidify the reliability of our tools in the geothermal marketplace.

Our portfolio of technologies and services in this field include:


Scientific Drilling International has been providing drilling, survey and logging solutions to the global mining industry for over 25 years. With successful projects throughout Canada and Russia, Scientific Drilling has established itself as a leader in freeze wall drilling applications for the mining industry.

Wellbores drilled in the coal mining industry are critical for the draining of natural methane gas from the seam prior to long-wall mining. The mining of methane gas preserves the environment as it otherwise would vent into the atmosphere. Methane is considered to be 20 times more harmful than carbon dioxide (CO2).

Scientific Drilling International high-accuracy rate-gyro surveying technologies are used for wellbores drilled in a variety of mining scenarios where accurate positional data is a requirement and to deliver time and cost saving results for coal seam gas drainage and freeze-wall drilling projects.

Our portfolio of technologies and services in this field include:


Scientific Drilling International (SDI) focuses on delivering downhole solutions, targeting the growing challenges of the global drilling and survey market.

For over 30 years, SDI has provided a suite of tools and services for civil engineering applications that include:

  • River crossing navigation
  • Industrial utility drilling and,
  • Construction drilling and surveying


Accurate placement of civil engineered directional crossings is important for public safety. Those involved with directional crossings should be knowledgeable about methods to locate existing underground utilities, survey tool selection, survey tool operation, and calculation methods. The directional drilling provider is often asked to install a new crossing in close proximity to a previously drilled installation which requires precise surveys to avoid collision. Scientific Drilling International’s primary solution for Civil Engineering projects is the Keeper Gyro Survey Tool. The Keeper uses our proprietary multi-mode, gyro survey system for high accuracy surveying at all angles. The Keeper houses a unique continuous gyro navigation mode allowing greater accuracy over conventional North Seeking systems. This configuration allows real time gyro navigation during oriented boring operations. It also provides the contractor with data to ensure the new installation is accomplished safely and without damage to existing utilities.

Scientific Drilling International recognizes the rising demand for greater control over wellbore placement, risk mitigation and public safety across civil engineering projects worldwide. To that end, Scientific Drilling continues to improve their gyro technology and leverages the expertise of our core business to meet the growing demand of our customers.