Whipstock orientation,
casing exit,
slot recovery,
deep water,
drill ship




Egypt, Offshore


In a deep offshore field, the customer wanted to access an untapped reservoir by sidetracking an existing well.
To enable a kick off in the desired orientation, a whipstock inside existing casing was required. As the wellbore was close to vertical, the operation necessitated an accurate means of determining orientation in the presence of magnetic interference.
Drilling in this deep water field was conducted from a drill ship. With high rig rental costs and long trip times, the customer required an efficient solution for slot recovery.



Scientific Drilling’s gyroMWD technology was oriented to the whipstock and run in to a depth of 2908m MD. At an inclination of 0.09 degrees, the
gyroMWD tool provided accurate survey data and gyro tool face updates as the whipstock was oriented. Once the desired direction was confirmed,
the whipstock was set and the customer successfully sidetracked the well recovering the slot for increased production.



By utilizing Scientific Drilling’s gyroMWD technology, the customer was able to save valuable rig time when compared to running a wireline gyro.
Furthermore, the customer benefited from eliminating additional personnel and equipment associated with wireline operations.


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