Whipstock orientation,
kick off,
deep water,
drill ship


gyroMWD Module


Gulf of Mexico


In a congested deep water field in the Gulf of Mexico, the customer needed to set a whipstock inside an existing casing string at low inclination.
Magnetic MWD was not an option due to magnetic interference from the casing. Due to tight anti-collision, the customer required precise placement in order to sidetrack in the correct direction and avoid offset cased wellbores.



At a depth of 4831ft MD and an inclination of 0.26 degrees real-time gyro tool face was provided by the gyroMWD Module tool. This allowed the customer to orient the whipstock with real-time gyro toolface updates as the assembly was oriented to the desired direction of kick off.
After successfully setting the whipstock, Scientific Drilling’s gyroMWD Module tool provided directional surveys until the assembly was clear of magnetic interference at 5495ft MD at which point the inclination reached 21 degrees.



On the floating platform used for drilling operations, deck space was at a premium and the customer benefited from the reduction in equipment footprint required for gyroMWD applications when compared to wireline.
The customer used Scientific Drilling’s gyroMWD Module technology to sidetrack a number of other wells in the same field.



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