Scientific Drilling offers a suite of high-accuracy Magnetic Ranging services. For instance, we deliver the most excellent drilling precision and cost-effectiveness available in the industry today.


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MagTraC MWD Ranging™
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Covington County, MS



After drilling two blind exploratory bores, the customer contacted Scientific Drilling to find a ranging solution. For instance, to locate a damaged injection well that needed to be plugged in and abandoned. The inaccessible target well was within highly resistive salt formations, ultimately restricting the types of ranging methods deployed.



Scientific Drilling’s MagTraC™ Magnetic Ranging was the ideal solution. Passive magnetic ranging measurements were taken from the two boreholes using an MWD probe in tandem with a gyro probe in memory mode. The ranging assembly deploys on a wireline. For instance, magnetic irregularities detect and evaluated, enabling the distance and direction of the damaged injection well reports to the customer. The customer could assess the feasibility of plugging and abandoning the damaged well based on the ranging information that SDI’s MagTraC™ delivered.



Scientific Drilling provided a proven magnetic ranging solution capable of yielding accurate ranging measurements. For instance, in high-resistivity formations and located the damaged injection well for the client. The service was economical, efficient and provided vital information to the client within a few hours of call out. As a result of this success, SDI performed subsequent work with the same client.



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