Scientific Drilling International Introduces HALO Rotary Steerable System New System Reliably Delivers Optimal Drilling Performance and Wellbore Placement

New System Reliably Delivers Optimal Drilling Performance and Wellbore Placement

HALO System

Scientific Drilling International announces its HALO high-performance rotary steerable system (RSS) development at the SPE Annual Technical Conference and Exhibition (ATCE). The HALO system combines sideways and balanced steering control with a single integrated collar. Furthermore, the tool has high-performance capabilities to help operators. For example, to optimize wellbore placement, reduce handling time and risk, and improve overall drilling time.

“Rotary steerable systems in unconventional shales have become increasingly important. For instance, as operators are drilling longer laterals to extend their pay zone yield,” said Phil Longorio, CEO of SDI. “We’re excited to announce the commercialization of our new HALO rotary steerable system. The system will help meet operators’ reliability and economic challenges. Therefore, producing more efficient, smoother, and directional wellbores. Above all, resulting in faster well construction and completion operations.”

HALO rotary steerable system design is to drill vertical, curve, and lateral sections in a single run. The rugged system helps avoid costly trips and improves puncturing rates (ROP), even in the harshest conditions. The HALO system maximizes wellbore exposure in the target zone by drilling curve sections with up to 15°/100 ft build rates. Its 3D advanced directional control is suited to deliver unique lateral placement.

The push-the-bit HALO system can be paired with conventional mud motors and operates at a maximum bit speed of up to 350 RPM. Thus, maximizing performance and reducing rig time and trips. Furthermore, the data transfers to the surface from the system’s high-speed mud pulse telemetry. The system allows precise directional control without interrupting the drilling process.

The system includes a steering unit, an MWD survey package with azimuthal gamma ray geosteering, and pressure-while-drilling capabilities. The HALO system is fully assembled and prepared before delivery to the rig site. Therefore, the system minimizes the BHA assembly time and mitigates associated HSE risks.

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