Scientific Drilling International (SDI) today announced that its Black Shark Relief Well Active Ranging System was successfully deployed in an open-hole test well in Fort Worth, Texas. The wireline conveyed active ranging instrument was operated on numerous runs over the course of a four-day test without any service interruption or non-productive time.

Ranging data was collected to calculate real time active ranging results against a nearby cased wellbore. The active ranging results matched the gyro-surveyed positions of the two wells, demonstrating the industry leading accuracy of the Black Shark system.

“The Black Shark high accuracy and long distance active ranging system is perfect not just for relief well ranging applications, but also for plug and abandonment drilling projects both in the United States and internationally,” says SDI’s Chip Abrant, Senior Vice President – Operations & Sales. “Black Shark also acts as the perfect complement for our MagTraC MWD Ranging technology, and we look forward to offering both ranging systems in a combined, blended approach to deliver target well intersection in the most efficient and economical means possible for our customers.”

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