Who We Are

Scientific Drilling International is an independent service provider offering complete, high accuracy wellbore navigation and drilling solutions. Scientific Drilling International is globally positioned to support a wide range of markets including the Oil & Gas, unconventional resources, Geothermal, and Mining Industries.

Scientific Drilling International serves a diverse range of customers in all energy sectors globally.



A Spirit of Innovation

From our first day in business, we have led the way in providing wellbore navigation services - introducing the world to the first downhole electronic steering tool for wellbore navigation in 1969. Now, with a global footprint reaching over 40 locations in more than 26 countries, Scientific Drilling International continues to push the boundaries of what’s possible across industries and in ever more complex projects and environments.

Scientific Drilling International is the only company to offer a complete navigation solution for the energy services sector that includes High Accuracy Gyro Survey, MWD, LWD, Magnetic Ranging Services and Cased Hole Solutions.

The culture of innovation and Industry First’s has established Scientific Drilling International as the leading independent provider of wellbore navigation and directional drilling services. The company’s range of products has greatly increased over recent years, due in part to continued focus on research and development.

Scientific Drilling International is the only company in the wellbore navigation/directional drilling business that builds all systems in-house, down to the sensor level.

Designed to Lead

The Science Behind Our Work

At Scientific Drilling International, our robust team of scientists, engineers and technicians is the lifeblood of our operations. With dedicated research and development centers across the globe, we are able to design, engineer, build and manufacture all of our technology products in-house, down to the smallest sensor lever. As drilling gets more complex, Scientific Drilling International professional engineers stand ready to develop new, innovative solutions that optimize solutions and minimize cost.

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