Measurement While Drilling (MWD)

Scientific Drilling International (SDI) is a leading global provider of highly accurate Measurement-While-Drilling (MWD) services. With over twenty years of in-house engineering and manufacturing excellence, our MWD systems have proven reliability and cost-effectiveness worldwide.

The flexibility of our MWD technology has allowed us to develop an extensive portfolio to tackle the toughest industry challenges in a wide range of markets. Difficulties associated with formations, temperatures, interference and other harsh drilling conditions can be addressed with SDI’s measurement-while-drilling services outlined below:

Reliability remains the cornerstone for all SDI MWD services. Scientific Drilling employs a pro-active environmental condition based maintenance program that is based on the TUF point system (Tool Utilization Factor). This system accumulates tool wear based on time at temperature and vibration levels down hole. The integration of crucial drilling factors, e.g., lateral vibration, axial vibration, stick slip and temperature will allow SDI’s customers to realize more of the life cycle of all associated components without an increased risk of failure.

The combination of proven technology, a pro-active maintenance program and elite field engineers has propelled SDI’s Measurement While Drilling reliability to industry leading heights.