Magnetic Ranging,
Wellbore Positioning,
Directional Drilling,
Plug and Abandonment


Advanced Survey Management


Bakersfield, California, USA


The customer had two compromised wells located approximately 85ft apart, each requiring plug and abandonment. Due to the nature of the damages, re-entry to both wells could not occur from the surface. Therefore, the wells had to be intercepted below 625ft and 871ft.



Scientific Drilling offered a complete directional drilling and well intercept package that allowed re-entry into both wells from a single surface location. The package included active (BlackShark) and passive (MagTraC™) magnetic ranging, gyroMWD, intercept well planning, and advanced survey management. As a result, each project phase plan follows the well-intercept industry best practices. For example, they assess risks at each step for improved economics. Scientific Drilling’s flagship BlackSharkactive ranging system, with integrated Keeper gyro technology, was used to locate, follow, and optimally align with the target wells for intercept. Confirmation of the target casing with EDR readings on the mechanical communication. In addition to metal cuttings on the ditch magnet and near-bit magnet sub. The drilling and measurement part of the project, ranging to and intercepting both target wells, took only nine days. In conclusion, the client was able to perform all remaining plug and abandonment steps. Above all, successfully finalize the project. 


Scientific Drilling’s gyro surveying while drilling and real-time passive magnetic abnormality monitoring via MagTraC™ provided a unique combination of services. In other words, the services solve the unique challenges the customer faces. For instance, proper planning and simultaneous use of these methods reduced the number of wirelines active-ranging runs. For example, it required only three per wellbore, the record low for similar intercept scenarios. Scientific Drilling’s scientific approach contributed to swift project completion. For instance, improved economics of “complex” plug and abandonment compared to specific solutions associated with time and monetary requirements for similar work.


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