Scientific Drilling’s BlackShark Active Ranging System and URSA gyroMWD perform successful relief well and risk reduction efforts. Therefore, these systems drill spud to interrupt within 30 days.


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/ BlackShark Active Ranging System
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Onshore, US


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Scientific Drilling’s approach to a relief well intercepted for the customer sought urgent relief to prevent a devastating blowout.

The primary purpose of the relief well intercept was to relieve pressure and provide a pathway to facilitate well control operations for the targeted well. For instance, during workover operations, extensive damage occurred to the 7-inch casing of the target well. Therefore, the damage prevented further workover attempts. As a result, concerns arose regarding the potential failure of a kill plug set in a 4.5-inch liner at 9240 ft/MD.



The intercept depth was above the 4.5-inch liner plug at 9240 ft measured depth. The well was spud 970 ft away from the targeted well on the surface.

Magnetic Ranging Technology: The use for the obstruction was Scientific Drilling’s BlackShark Active Magnetic Ranging. A current enters the formation, and the target well casing releases a magnetic field. Furthermore, this magnetic field detects Blackshark and is used to locate the well position.

Advanced Wellbore Surveying Technology: Scientific Drilling’s solid-state URSA gyroMWD system steers the well toward the target well. Therefore, the system mitigates magnetic interference challenges and ensures accuracy in the intercept.

Environmental and Safety Measures: Extreme cold weather created transportation hazards to and from the rig location. Therefore, health and safety procedures such as safe driving and journey management use. As a result, no recorded incidents or near misses occurred.


Accuracy and Precision of Magnetic Ranging: The BlackShark Active Magnetic Ranging System provided high-accuracy measurements of the target well position. Therefore, even at distances exceeding 200 ft center-to-center length. The BlackShark allowed an accurate intercept without the need for wellbore detours.

Efficient Operations: The intercept occurred 30 days from the spud date. The shorter drilling duration compared to typical relief wells demonstrated the efficiency of the solutions deployed.

Successful Intercept: The wells successfully intercept on the first attempt. Therefore, well showcased the effectiveness of the chosen technologies and techniques.

Best Practices: This project demonstrated that planning and drilling an intercept relief well in a short amount of time is possible. Proper planning, accurate Magnetic Ranging technology, and devotion to safety procedures contributed to the project’s success.


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