Drilling Motors

Scientific Drilling International (SDI) designs, engineers, manufactures and operates one of the leading drilling mud motor portfolios in the industry.

Lead by the Titan motor platform, SDI’s comprehensive suite of offerings is built for today’s most complex and challenging drilling conditions. The Titan series of drilling motors are compatible with the most common standard, extended, and super extended power section formats along with motors designed for air, mist and foam applications.

In addition, SDI partners with the industry leaders in power section development to system match the right power configurations for the application and downhole environment. SDI’s motor drive systems are designed to support an array of performance power sections designed for greater demand in temperature, torque and higher speed performance. Inhouse experts ensure the optimal selection of the motor elastomer as well as the rotor/stator fit for a specific application.

Our Suite of Drilling Motor Solutions

    • Titan 22
      The Ultimate Performance Motor Solution

      Scientific Drilling’s new Titan 22 performance drilling motor is designed for the most demanding drilling environments. Engineered to deliver reliability and durability across a wide range of applications, Titan 22 is the ultimate performance motor solution.

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  • Titan TD
    Short Bit to Bend

    The Titan TD drilling motor delivers the highest quality design for ultimate reliability while providing a short bit-to-bend solution.

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  • Titan HD
    Curve and Lateral One-Run Solution

    The Titan HD motor series focuses on efficiently and reliably drilling long horizontal sections.

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  • Titan 2/2.5
    Robust and Reliable

    The Titan ll robust, state-of-the-art bearing assembly design provides a reliable and cost-effective solution for a large variety of directional drilling applications.

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