Over the past 2 years, Scientific Drilling has field-tested a disruptive new LWD design that integrates the three sensors into one short 15ft collar.


Scientific Drilling International (SDI) is proud to announce that the field-testing phase of the ULT is complete. Therefore, SDI is moving forward with commercializing this unique reservoir logging approach.

The new Unconventional Logging Tool (ULT) is a compact, integrated LWD system. For instance, the system encompasses three principal services optimized for logging unconventional reservoirs. It benefits geosteering. The ULT offers a cost-effective solution for intelligent completion designs to improve production and optimize costs.

Three ULT sensors provide azimuthal data while rotating. The Logging While Drilling data can build a 3-dimensional model reservoir. Compared to other service companies, the integrated sensor design shortens the tool length to 15’ and reduces the LIH cost. Therefore, the sensor provides similar measurements with independent collar designs.

The ULT’s innovative design is industry-first. The tool proves Scientific Drilling’s continued commitment to developing new technologies to optimize further the drilling, evaluation, and development of resources.