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MagTraC MWD Ranging™ & gyroMWD Bypass Fish and Re-enter Open Hole

February 25, 2022

Scientific Drilling performs fish bypass and wellbore intercept with MagTraC MWD Ranging™ and gyroMWD, saving the client more than $3.5M in potential lost production.

Linking Laterals Together with HALO RSS

February 22, 2022

Scientific Drilling’s HALO Rotary Steerable System drills intermediate section with large step-out, complex 3-D curve, one-run curve/lateral, and stays 100% in-zone.

Excellent PLT Data in Tight Restriction Well

February 21, 2022

Scientific Drilling deploys its SlimFlow MPLT system to acquire high-quality measurements in 5" liner with 1.688" restriction.

Scientific Drilling International Names Wes Shedd as CEO

January 27, 2022

One Attempt Well Intersect with Lodestone

January 4, 2022

Scientific Drilling's Lodestone detects well intercept target from an unprecedented 120m away and performs successful one attempt well intercept at 1147.71m MD.

Dual-Technology Approach to Leak Detection

December 8, 2021

Scientific Drilling deploys its Vulcan MFT-24 and Standard FLS to determine the location of tubing leaks and evaluate tubing integrity.

Radical Deployment of Multi-Finger Caliper

November 30, 2021

Scientific Drilling's CHS experts collaborate with a client to overcome challenges associated with conducting an MFT survey in a SAGD lateral.

Parted Tubing in SAGD Well Captured in 3D Images

September 15, 2021

Scientific Drilling's Vulcan™ MFT-24 provides operator with 3D images of parted tubing, providing information for the client to conduct remedial operations.

Precise Wellbore Placement with New Smart Motor

September 2, 2021

Thanks to its at-bit real-time sensors, Scientific Drilling’s Smart Motor technology helps clients maximize reservoir contact and reduce cost with proactive geosteering decisions.

Steering with Bitsub in 11-Well Drilling Campaign

August 30, 2021

Scientific Drilling partnered with an operator to integrate new at-bit steering tools for an 11-well drilling campaign.